About Us

HippieTree by Green X Capital is founded with the aim of providing and establishing environmental positive solutions in urban living and working spaces. In the face of an ever-deteriorating natural world and the bustle of daily life, we understand that time is limited for the average person to even think about investing their time and energy into greening their spaces.

With the growing awareness of the general public in a greener ecosystem, but the lack of extra time to spend, especially in urban areas, we wanted to create easier plant access and climate positive solutions for businesses, corporations and individuals.

What we do?

Breaking the traditional norm of selling and purchasing, we offer a third option: plant rental. With this alternative, business, companies and individuals who are interested in making their living and working spaces greener but lack the time and skills to maintain their plants get to do so. With our professional consultation, a wide range of plants to choose from and regular plant services, you can have the green spaces that you desire without the hassle of maintaining them yourself. Anything to match the vibe of your space!

We also provide a plant subscription to interested individuals. We understand that caring for plants can be a daunting and difficult task, especially in the beginning, which is why many aspiring plant parents give up. With our HippieJourney, we’ll offer you a few plants a month to nudge you in the right direction. That’s not all, we’ll also provide plant care advice, and replace your plants if they die.

For larger projects, we provide design consultations and landscaping services. We advise on space design layouts, unique features to add fresh vibrancy and species selection based on your personal styles and needs. We incorporate the latest green technology for maximum water and energy efficiency to transition away from traditional carbon-based solutions.

Our unique service is providing a new Green X application that helps you choose plants through augmented reality (AR) through the comfort of your phone. This app allows you to visualise future plant prospects and placements in your home or workspaces before even buying your plants.

We also bring together a community of plant lovers: the Hippie Community through our website’s HippieWall. This platform is for people in the community to discuss plants, share knowledge and tips as to how to tend and care for plants. We believe knowledge sharing and bringing people together is vital in our urban communities especially when we all have the same goals of averting the climate crisis for future generations.


To provide our services with integrity for small residences,  institutional and public facilities, or commercial owners with a  hands-on design approach with the latest technical  knowledge.
  • – To achieve the industry standard of practice with good quality landscape designing within a recognized budget.
  • – To deliver sustainable, industry-leading green services and establish more significant relationships between humans and plants.


To assist in averting the climate crisis by establishing green-industry to be more effective advocates for climate action and to sustain a resilient and sustainable future lifestyle.